Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Best Banana Leaf in Town

This blog is all about introduce and promoting Devi's Corner Indian Food in Malaysia and giving the authenticity and recognition it deserves. 

We will highlight the varieties and exoticness of the food we prepare. The food In Devi's is so mouthwatering and enjoyed by customers and by request we choose to open a blog for discussion and to maintain close connection with our valued  customers. Try names of varieties like Mutton Mysore, Mutton Bone Marrow, our popular crab curry, mutton dalcha and our varieties of varuvals. 
Devi's Corner have been featured in numerous magazines, television shows, and awarded as the best Indian Restaurant in Town.
Devi's Kerala Fish Curry
Devi's Famous Crab Curry
Egg Sambal
Devi's Mutton Varuval

Keep Calm and Add Curry On....

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