Thursday, 31 December 2015

Devi's Corner gifted free vouchers to Bangsar Baru Residential Association (BBRA)

BBRA: Bangsar Baru Residents Association has a web-portal for the community in Bangsar. This portal have been very useful in helping the community with the current issues and updates in this area.
Recently they organized a BBRA Annual Dinner. Devi's Corner being the pioneer of Indian restaurant in Bangsar with multiracial customers (from Bangsar and other areas in Malaysia) took the opportunity to give back to the kind and supportive Bangsar community what they deserve. Devi's Corner gave out RM250.00 worth cash vouchers (each voucher amounted RM50.00). By doing this, family and friends whom attended this event would be able to win this vouchers and enjoy their meals for free at Devi's Corner Bangsar.

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Thursday, 24 December 2015

Diwali Treat for Food Panda Riders at Devi's Corner

A Small Diwali Treat to our Food Panda Riders

Any great restaurant is about more than its food – it obviously must have a great ambience and experiential customers. At Devi’s, food has no limit. It gets so creatively mouth watering. Just like science experiments, testing and adding each spices to get a good combination of Indian dish is what we do in Devi's.  Everyone who eats  in Devi's get to experience variety of food ranging from mamak to typical north and south indian food combination. They are spoiled with choices. Our staffs are so lucky to have worked here. They get  to choose what meal they want and it is all for free. Most of the time, the cooks prepares good lunch and dinner meals for all. And everyday  they look forward to the new dish. 
Other than this, also have online food delivery service. Food Panda riders are always attentively coming to our shop to collect the food to customers. Most of the time, they sit-in patiently waiting while we set-up the food orders for collection. Observing this everyday via CCTV, our Boss, Mr DevAnanth choose to treat the riders with a food vouchers worth RM100.00. We gave out 10 of this vouchers (each one worth RM10.00) to 10 different food panda riders. They were very happy and appreciative.  One rider said, “Thank you very much for this voucher, we finally get to enjoyed your meal."
The only joy we get out of this is that people really enjoyed our meal. Now that we have a better relationship working together in this field it adds up to the ambience of the hustling and passeling of Restaurant Devi's Corner Bangsar.

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Daathry's Discovery

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Devi's Corner giving back to the community

There are food around for everyone, yet there are people who suffer from hunger in Malaysia. Since few month ago, Devi's Corner Bangsar representative Dev Ananth have been planning on how to give back to the community, as he believes in the  cycle of giving back. Hence, he agreed to work hand-in-hand with Food Panda, Salad Atelier and the Legendary Kechara by helping in the cycle of food rescue.

On the 24th October at 8.00pm, 100 packs of vegetarian nasi goreng (fried rice) was packed and uploaded in the car to departed to Kenchara charity home. After reaching, there were many volunteers and students collaboratively segregating clothes and books to its own section. The milieu in Kechara seemed so calm and cooperative amongst different ethnicities, intern giving out a peaceful vibe to on lookers (me. After doing my research on Kenchara, they believe that not only financial support help spread Dharma but also the time contribution by the involvement of the volunteers such as university students. "Financial sponsorship is not the only way for partitioners to help to spread the Dharma." they mentioned in their website.

However, in this busy business worlds its very rare to have companies to work together for charity purpose and thus, its a great effort of encouraging charities in this way. Nonetheless, companies and individuals to join together and share commitments for good causes and think about others takes a humanitarian at heart.

Now in this year, I hope that more businesses, charities and organizations come together on the coast of giving back to the community specially to those who are in need of food around the city.

Once again our utmost Thanks to Food Panda, Salad Atelier and Kechara for giving us from Devi's Corner the opportunity to help the community.

Mr.Dev (middle in black long sleves) from Devi's Corner and friendly member from Food panda (to his left) and all the other hardworking volunteers from Kenchara

"If you are wealthy, its your duty to help those who don't have it"  Manoj Bhargava. 

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Best Banana Leaf in Town

This blog is all about introduce and promoting Devi's Corner Indian Food in Malaysia and giving the authenticity and recognition it deserves. 

We will highlight the varieties and exoticness of the food we prepare. The food In Devi's is so mouthwatering and enjoyed by customers and by request we choose to open a blog for discussion and to maintain close connection with our valued  customers. Try names of varieties like Mutton Mysore, Mutton Bone Marrow, our popular crab curry, mutton dalcha and our varieties of varuvals. 
Devi's Corner have been featured in numerous magazines, television shows, and awarded as the best Indian Restaurant in Town.
Devi's Kerala Fish Curry
Devi's Famous Crab Curry
Egg Sambal
Devi's Mutton Varuval

Keep Calm and Add Curry On....