Thursday, 31 December 2015

Devi's Corner gifted free vouchers to Bangsar Baru Residential Association (BBRA)

BBRA: Bangsar Baru Residents Association has a web-portal for the community in Bangsar. This portal have been very useful in helping the community with the current issues and updates in this area.
Recently they organized a BBRA Annual Dinner. Devi's Corner being the pioneer of Indian restaurant in Bangsar with multiracial customers (from Bangsar and other areas in Malaysia) took the opportunity to give back to the kind and supportive Bangsar community what they deserve. Devi's Corner gave out RM250.00 worth cash vouchers (each voucher amounted RM50.00). By doing this, family and friends whom attended this event would be able to win this vouchers and enjoy their meals for free at Devi's Corner Bangsar.

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